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blue collar bodybuilding

Blue Collar Bodybuilding

So how can you accomplish any of your fitness goals when your locked up a job eight to ten hours a day? Blue collar bodybuilding, very common and you can do it all with a few simple tips.

It`s very simple! Get organized. Write down everything you can do to achieve your fitness goals. You also need to write down everything that gets in your way of achieving those goals and always look for a way forward. If your job is manual labor where it is physically demanding then you should consider work as part of your training routine. That way you kill two birds with one stone so to speak.

Find out how many calories you’ve burnt throughout the day working and replenish your glycogen stores during and after work. Then you can exercise some of the muscle groups you didn’t hit at work and you will feel good about yourself for making an attempt to better yourself.

You are going to have days where you feel overworked, stressed, and feel that everything in the world is coming down on you. These are the days when you should treat yourself to something out of the ordinary like a cheat meal or consider going out to the club with a group of friends. Just keep everything in moderation. You can can accomplish anything you want in life if you stick to your plan of attack and stay focused

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