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Return Policy


Returns: Your Satisfaction is Very Important To Us. If for any reason you are unsatisfied, you can initiate your refund request by emailing us a description of the issue. Once we review it, we can promptly work to resolve it.

Any product that arrives broken or defective immediately upon delivery is eligible for either a refund or replacement. Simply call for instructions.

If the wrong product arrives, you are immediately eligible for a replacement. Call us for return instructions.
There is never a problem that we cannot fully resolve to your satisfaction.

*If a refund granted, Please Allow 7-10 days for your funds restored to credit card. This, your bank’s processing time, not and it is not a delay on our end.

Refund Policy

Product delivery and product quality is always FULLY GUARANTEED.

We DO NOT offer free supplement sampling.

In the event of lost or stolen mail,product replacement is issued. Prior to contacting us, please visit your nearest post office and provide them with your USPS tracking number. Once you open a lost or stolen claim, they will issue you a case #. Please email us that case number.

Immediate replacements are issued on ALL damaged goods. In the event that a product arrives damaged or defective, you have the option of a refund or a replacement.

*Why This is Our Return Policy:

The reason we do not accept exchanges is a simply matter of consumer safety.

We do not feel safe reselling a product returned to us by another consumer.

All products returned, destroyed and discarded.

Our customer’s best intentions at heart. For that very reason, Muscle Labs USA does NOT accept returns or exchanges on dietary supplements. ALL LEGITIMATE REASONS WE WILL ALWAYS RESOLVE THE ISSUE TO YOUR FULLEST SATISFACTION.

For obvious safety reasons, we never re-sell a product returned to us by another customer. On rare occasion when products  returned to us, we have no choice but to discard them.

The products you receive come straight from us. And prior to us,  packaged in an FDA approved manufacturing facility where each bottle is double safety sealed.

In some circumstances, we may offer refunds when applicable.

Muscle Labs RX does not offer “free sampling” of merchandise.

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