Legal Primobolan Steroid Alternative


Legal Primobolan Steroid Alternative

In essence, PrimoDrol works the same way, however, PrimoDrol is the legal Primobolan steroid alternative. No banned substance, oral pill with out bad side effects.

Primobolan Depot contains the same active substance as Primobolan tablets, or Metenolone. However,  in the form of an entantate, but because of the price it is simply more profitable. The injection of this steroid results in the need for smaller doses. Consequently, also the lower financial costs to achieve the same results. Carefully calculating the costs, it turns out that the Primobolan depot is even 2 times cheaper than the Primobolan tablets.


The use of Primobolan injection also has a practical advantage, simply allowing you to create a large (but small compared with other steroids) muscle mass. Namely, with a good diet and adequate supplementation for 4 months, you can increase the weight by 5-10 kg, which in the case of beginners is quite a full increase. Also, there are no problems with maintaining it after stopping doping. All this makes bodybuilders definitely decide to buy injections, rather than the oral form of Primobolan

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