Legal Methyltestosterone Steroid Alternative


Legal Methyltestosterone Steroid Alternative

Methyltestosterone– a synthetic testosterone in the oral form, does not break down in the liver.  Because of being in the methyl group in the alpha-17 position making very toxic to the liver. This is why Muscle Labs USA created a legal Methyltestosterone steroid alternative. The drug itself, while very old, and now quite a few other stronger, more effective drugs .

Application of Methyltestosterone

Use: 50 – 60 mg, and when mixed with other drugs about 25-30 mg per day, advisable to take it all in the morning.
Methyltestosterone in bodybuilding almost not used anymore. Poorly effective and yet for the best results, combined with other steroids, especially with low-androgenic AAS. The duration of the cycles is 10 weeks, during the course of the cycle, the power characteristics increase, as well as slightly muscle gain and strength

Side effects of Methyltestosterone

High toxicity for the liver, and gynecomastia, increased blood pressure, prostate hypertrophy, alopecia, increased aggressiveness.
Also, this drug is completely contraindicated in women.
All of the above side effects, prevented by a combination of: clomid, proviron, nolvadex, arimidex.

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