Legal Anavar Steroid Alternative


Legal Anavar Legal Steroid Alternative

A legal Anavar steroid alternative supplement for bodybuilding, designed to mimic Anavar’s action without harmful side effects. Helping you reduce fat during cutting cycles while retaining lean muscle you worked for during your bulking cycle.

During your bulking cycle, added water and fat, hard to avoid. While in a cutting cycle, Oxanivar removes extra water and the fat to show off lean muscle gains.

Oxanivar, like many other legal steroids, is the equivalent of Anavar, which is known for strengthening and muscle growth.

Difference between Oxanivar and Anavar steroid alternative

Legal equivalent of Oxanivar. While in original version, it is illegal.
No side effects. Also, fearful side effects, like liver disease.
Mimics the action of Oxanivar.
Relatively inexpensive. However, Oxanivar is expensive.

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